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Small Business Blog - Success tips — SMART goal setting

Episode #185 – Success Starts By… Well, Starting!

audio blog Blog content content and consistency create a goal and achieve it goals marketing Planning SMART goal setting Social marketing start now Success tips Two Minute Commute

Let’s talk about beginning.  The reason you’re here looking for help with your social marketing is to increase your sales… what I’m proposing is an entirely new way of looking at Social Marketing.  It’s creating your own audience, maintaining a relationship with them, and building...

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Episode #58 – What’s the Dream You’re Willing to take Risks for…?

audio blog dreams goals marketing risk and reward small business motivation small business tip SMART goal setting Success tips Two Minute Commute visualization

The question mark is very motivational, eh?  Ha Ha – I debated using it.  My original focal point was a beautiful sunset where the sun was just about at the ocean and the light was peeking through a palm on shore.  And I started organizing...

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Episode #46 – You Can Only Move Toward or Away from Your Goals

Business owner motivation daily goal goal achievement goal setting marketing motivation for small business move away from goals move toward goals SMART goal setting Success tips Two Minute Commute

There’s no neutral or staying on place with goals. Proper goal setting involves deadlines, therefore you can only move toward or away from your goals.  Small businesses have lots of roles to fill.  Ultimately you want to make money so your goal may be to...

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