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Episode #391 – Do You Have Change for a Penny?

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When life throws you pennies use it to make quarters! Ever get the feeling you are not making any money?  Well… just like lemons make lemonade… they also make lemon cleaners, hair lighteners, and pie.  I’ve always thought it strange that the same produce that...

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Episode #209 – New Concept In Small Business Marketing

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“Don’t find customers for your products, find products for your customers.” Seth Godin When you get to the point in your marketing when you can follow the inspiration for today, you are practicing the concept of the Infinity Marketing Machine.  This is when you work...

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Episode #151 – What’s New In Making Money?

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What impacts the bottom line more than small things?  Nothing!  Every small change you make adds up in a large way. When you “goal set” and you have that one big goal at the end.  Now let’s say you decide that one big goal is...

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