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Episode #359 – The Why Behind the Buy

4- Thursday - Infinity Customers Blog content Customers infinity customer infinity marketing machine marketing package your message sell the service not the functionality small business owner advice Success tips Two Minute Commute why behind the buy

Focus on “…branding the customer experience, not just selling the service.” John Sculley What’s fun about automatic transmission.  Nothing.  What’s fun about the wind in your hair and Jimmy Buffet on the radio.  Everything. This is a car.  It happens to be a convertible.  But selling the car as mode of transportation, although accurate, misses […]

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Episode #341 – Give ‘Em What They Want!

4- Thursday - Infinity Customers Customers give customers what they want infinity customer infinity marketing machine marketing Real world Sales Success tips Two Minute Commute

“The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service sells itself” PDrucker Wouldn’t it be great if your product sold itself?!  YES! Here’s the reality, it take a lot of work to get your product to sell itself.  But, if you build an Infinity Marketing Machine your […]

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Episode #281 – There’s a New Way to Talk With Customers… Learn It Or You’ll Be Left Behind

4- Thursday - Infinity Customers audio blog Blog content Customers infinity customer marketing Small Business owner motivation small business tip Success tips talk to customers Two Minute Commute work for a relationship

“Talk to people, not customers” The quicker you realize that customers are people, the faster your online communication will grow! Here’s what I mean.  And this is a hard concept to wrap your head around if you were in your teens in the 80’s.  You need to stop being formal. This really is difficult.  It’s […]

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