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Episode #133 – I Wrote A Post About Emoji’s? Yikes.

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Happy World Emoji Day! Today I was inspired by an email.  Yes… an email.  I opened my email and found a promotion for World Emoji Day.  It was not from the “National Day of” calendar, it was not from the manufacturer of emoji’s, it was...

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Episode #131 – There’s a Point Where You Have to Run! Go Drink the Vegetable Stuff.

attend conferences audio blog Business owner motivation Customers how do I get positive reviews online icon implementing new ideas marketing positive review Real world small business motivation small business tip Social Media Marketing World Success tips Two Minute Commute

Are you ready?  In order to make a change you have to be willing to leave your comfort zone. So I’ll ask again, “Are you ready?” The reason we attend conferences and seminars is to make us feel good about “doing something”.  It’s the same...

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Episode #117 – Three Types of Customer Experiences… Advice from My Squiggle Notes.

audio blog conference notes half way how to use a conference icon17 marketing Planning Real world small business owner inspiration small business owner tip Social Media Marketing World Success tips Three Customer Experiences Two Minute Commute

“The bad news is time flies. The good news is you’re the pilot.” M.Althsuler Sometimes the quote I pick is about me, today is one of those days.  I realized this morning I’m about half way though the time line of a project I started...

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Bright Idea!

cash register Creative hardware store hardware store marketing impulse items led light switch marketing portable lights Real world small business idea small business marketing Success tips

I went to the hardware store yesterday. I love going to our local hardware store because they have a popcorn maker.  Free bags of popcorn, rock!  But that’s now why I’m writing. I found the garbage bags that I needed to buy and I headed...

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Day Three… Spring Cleaning Your Brand!

action steps audio blog audio blog inspiration catch up Content inspiration marketing motivation My Story Real world retail store update small business marketing small business marketing ideas small business tips Social Media Marketing World Success tips website update

I started my day by making an entry in my audio blog – right now, it’s short one minute inspirational quotes.  It is just a fun way to start your day, kind of like if someone left you a clever voice mail that made you...

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